Modular system

All tanks are designed to fit standard room height and access door dimensions. For larger system installations with energy storage requirements of 1000 litres or more, a system tank is connected with one or more buffer tanks to a modular system. Modular systems fit the needs of a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings and applications. Easy expansion of the modular system makes it adaptable to growing needs.

Elements of innovation

The intelligent energy centre consists of the system tank with integrated energy centre and a control system. The system tank can be connected to three external energy sources and has two electrical heaters built in. The proprietary storage technology maintains an optimal thermal stratification in all operating conditions. The energy centre includes a fresh water module, a solar loading module and a heating circuit. The control system has a colour touch screen attached to the system tank.

Product concept

Intelligent energy centre

The energy centre decouples the energy sources from the energy users and controls all in the most efficient way.

Modular system

The tanks are designed for standard room height and access door dimensions and for easy system extensions adaptable to growing needs

Product advantage

You can still save 40% on heat energy

The fresh water module with a stainless steel plate heat exchanger makes legionella free hot water on demand and delivers it to the tapping point with optimal temperature.

An environmentally friendly energy mix is guaranteed by optimal use of solar energy through a solar loading module with a stainless steel plate heat exchanger.

A highly efficient distribution of heat energy is achieved by connecting the heating circuit to radiators or low temperature floor heating.

  • Cutting Edge Energy Efficiency
    The proprietary storage technology is up to 40% more efficient than any other system on the market today.
  • Profitable Weight Reduction
    The weight reduction of 60% has direct impact on transport and handling costs.
  • Practical Plug-and-Play
    50% of installation time is saved by plug-and-play design integration of all components.
  • Visible Space Saving
    The system requires 30% less floor space through volume-optimized cross-sections, highly efficient expanded polypropylene (EPP) insulation and the compact design.
  • Naturally Eco-friendly
    Eco-friendly, sustainable products made of fully recyclable materials such as aluminium and EPP insulation.
    Reduced CO2 emissions by reduction of start/stop cycles of wood fired heaters.

Why you should choose ECOScience heating system

ECOScience uses fully recyclable, lightweight materials in a new, compact design – an industry novelty. The innovative system is modular expandable and plug-and-play ready for easy installation and simple operation. The tanks and systems are CE certified and worldwide the first to receive the P-Mark certificate, a quality mark developed by SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. To receive the label, a product must fulfill requirements in four different categories: efficiency, safety, documentation and manufacturing quality.