Product benefits

We think about our common future by having a 100% recyclable product.
Our patented design gives you the opportunity to reduce your energy use by up to 60%.
All our tanks are adapted to fit directly into your living environment.
Our products are developed for both large and small installations.

Innovative technology

The intelligent energy center consists of a system tank, integrated energy center and control system. The system tank can be connected to several external energy sources simultaneously, has 2 built-in electric cartridges that handle tap water and heat. The system tank works with optimal temperature stratification regardless of operating conditions. The power plant consists of a tap water module, solar charging module and heating circuit. The control system is handled via the color touch screen on the front of the tank.

The intelligent energy center

The energy center balances the energy sources from the energy users and controls everything in the most efficient way.

Modular system

Adaptation to larger systems and volume needs is easy through the modular thinking. The flexible dimensions of the tanks make them easily adaptable to different space needs.

Integrated heating system

Supplied standard with modules for domestic hot water, solar collectors and radio circuit / floor heating.

The tank can be connected to the pool, heat pump, pellets / wood, liquid battery and buffer tank.

Insulationof EPP

Insulation of EPP + Coated with Aluminium film 41mm-60mm.

Insulating capacity: 0.0357 W / m2k.
Fully recyclable.

Reduced weight

Tank made of 3mm aluminum. For reduced weight, only 83.1kg for a standard equipped 500L tank.

Full color touchscreen

Easy handling via full color touch screen where all functions are controlled from.


Connection points

Connection points from 1 “-1.5”

Optimal layering

Internal design to maintain optimal layering between different temperature levels.


Integrated control system

Controls and regulates depending on the most favorable heat source.

Control as standard is: Radiator / underfloor heating 1, radiator / underfloor heating 2, solar collector, solar collector east / west, heat pump, pellets / wood / gas, pool, solar cells and immersion heaters.

Electric cartridge 4.5kW

Two 4.5kW Electric Cartridges (Total 9kW)
Adjustable in steps of 1.5kW.
Can also be limited via the software.

Electric cartridge 4.5kW

Two 4.5kW Electric Cartridges (Total 9kW)
Adjustable in steps of 1.5kW.
Can also be limited via the software.

Why you should choose ECOScience heating system

Probably ECOScience is the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient system on the market.
When you have heated the 500 liter system tank to 85 ° you get a minimum of 742 liters of 40 ° hot water without adding new energy.
By comparison, you save up to 60% in energy costs!

Additional positive reasons:
Fully recyclable • Low installation cost • Certified according to new EU rules
• Space saving design • Integrated control system • P-mark Certified
• Patented design and function • Legionella safe hot tap water
• Many connection options and thus great flexibility