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The integrated energy centre with its fresh water module, solar loading module and heating circuit is mounted on top of the system tank. The control system is comfortably operated via a colour touch screen.

Product Features
  • Tanks are made of high quality aluminium alloys (60% weight reduction)
  • Insulation is fully recyclable and highly efficient (EPP)
  • Optimized cross-sections and compact design require 30% less space
  • Modular extension by Buffer Tanks with loading/unloading module possible
  • Plug-and-play system installation
  • Integrated electrical heating elements add energy as needed
  • Connections for three external heat sources
    • Thermal solar panels
    • Pellet/wood/oil/gas/district heating
    • Heat pump (air or ground sourced)/combined heat and power (CHP)

System Tanks - Integrated Energy Centre



Dimensions (LxWxH)


Product sheet


312 liters

770x650x1490 mm

65,6 kg



520 liters

770x650x2150 mm

83,1 kg



520 liters

780x800x1750 mm

79,1 kg



780 liters

780x800x2350 mm

95,6 kg


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Why you should choose ECOScience heating system

Probably ECOScience is the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient system on the market.
When you have heated the 500 liter system tank to 85 ° you get a minimum of 742 liters of 40 ° hot water without adding new energy.
By comparison, you save up to 60% in energy costs!

Additional positive reasons:
Fully recyclable • Low installation cost • Certified according to new EU rules
• Space saving design • Integrated control system • P-mark Certified
• Patented design and function • Legionella safe hot tap water
• Many connection options and thus great flexibility