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01 Sep 2018

Passive house – Ronneby, Sweden

The passive house consists of solar cells, solar heating, accumulator tank system, finishing FTX and air-water heat pump.
Increased solar power in the summer of 2018 contributed to it becoming a zero-energy house.

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ECOScience is the flexible heating system that allows you to connect several different energy sources at the same time. The smart system is capable of connecting to all different types of energy sources, from pellets and oil to district heating and gas – naturally solar energy also works. The sustainable system is easy to use and gives you as a homeowner total freedom when it comes to your home's climate. Save up to 60% of your energy consumption and enjoy a pleasant and carefree home that is also kind to the environment.

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ECOScience is the obvious choice for those looking for a flexible and comfortable heating system that also allows you to connect multiple heat sources at the same time. Thanks to the flexible design, you can easily expand your system over time, for example, with a pool or underfloor heating.

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