International Solar Cities Congress & Expo 2010 Dezhou China 16 - 19 September

The ECOScience team is looking forward to meet you at our booth T55. Congress theme: Solar Energy Changes Life

In the 4th ISCI World Congress in Dezhou politicians, scientists and experts from all over the world will present and share insight knowledge and experience about the application of renewable energy and the available roads towards a sustainable future.

The 4th ISCI World Congress will show there are solutions that could have given another outcome on the  Copenhagen Climate Conference and will give hope for the future.

Mankind has developed a need for energy. The traditional ways of obtaining energy have unwanted wastes as a side product. Those waste products include short and long term negative effects and threats on micro and macro climate and even on the earth itself. All over the World visionary forerunners have developed ideas, techniques and solutions that tremendously can diminish our dependence from traditional energy sources. In fact those initiatives together will show a sustainable future is within reach. We just have to grab for it. 

Many speakers and participants will have a background from cities and regional level. The total added influence of the local level by far exceeds that of national governments. Dezhou, the host city of the 4th ISCI World Congress has a firm commitment to solar energy. The Congress Centre in itself is an impressive showcase of the application of solar energy and energy conservation techniques.

Join us in Dezhou in September 2010 and start following the road to this sustainable future!